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2017-2018 Staff


Staff Writer

What I do: I enjoy delivering the inside scoop because it simultaneously brings clarity on the unseen while also acting as a form of self expression. The news is an instrument that helps connect people across space and time, ...

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TraShante Watkins

Staff Writer

I like to create works of art whether it be paint on a canvas or words on paper. I also really like being updated with the things and activities going on in the school and writing about them mainly to keep up with current events...

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Lawrence Gourdine

Staff Writer

I like playing sports like basketball and baseball because it keeps me off the street, anything could happen to me outside but if i'm playing a sport I don't even have to worry. I am the middle child of 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I...

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Jack Lisula

Staff Writer

What I do: I write articles for the school newspaper and I am in crew for the drama club. In crew I help build and put together the stage sets and props. Who I am: I am a nice and happy person, who is very easy to talk to. W...

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Robert Esquivel

Staff Writer

What I Do: I am really interested in journalism and I love to cover stories on the many different sports teams at Richards High School. Who I Am: I was born on the south side of Chicago and moved to the suburbs when I was 1...

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David Becius

Staff Writer

What I do: I am a person who always had an interest in writing about the newspaper, and I sometimes like to read newspapers, but I have never written for the newspaper. I used to do swimming for some time in this club called...

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Hamilton Knox

Staff Writer

I enjoy writing because I know that it will help me in the long run with my career choice.  Writing stories gives me experience that I might not have discovered by reading. I am known as the joker in the family. I am the youngest...

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Jenni Marie Schaal

Staff Editor

What I do: I cover majority of news. I really enjoy writing about art and music. Who I am: I am Jenni Marie Schaal, age 17, and a Senior at Richards High School. I designed and drew our title and logo for the newspaper....

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