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Students Put Bullying to Bed

Trashante Watkins, Staff writer

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On Tuesday students united together to take a stance against bullying by wearing their pajamas to school. “I really like the fact that we’re doing a spirit week for something that’s for a good cause because it definitely shows that we can come together as a whole and end bullying together in a fun and enthusiastic way” Ali Moohamed, a senior at Richards, states.

“You simply can’t go wrong with pajama day. Everybody has pajamas so students wouldn’t have to buy anything special. Also, if everyone is dressed in pajamas nobody can really make fun of a person in pajams” Jenae Corley, a senior at Richards states.

The staff at Richards also showed their school spirit and support for the anti bullying movement by wearing their pajamas as well. “Being a mom myself and working in the school system knowing that bullying has always been a problem within educational environment, I definitely feel as though the concept of the entire spirit week in itself speaks volume for not only the schools but the community as well…Its definitely good to see all the students come together as one to fight against bullying.” Mrs. Latrice Foules states.

Spirit week continues on Wednesday with sports day.

Ali Moohamed, a senior, shows his school spirit by wearing his pajamas to school to fight against bullying


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Students Put Bullying to Bed