Chess Team Prepares For More Wins

Robert Esquivel, Staff Writer

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The Richards chess team is on a roll with a record of 3-0 in conference with Mr. Montes as coach.


Veteran chess player Sami Alkadi, was there to help against teams such as Argo, Sandburg and Bloom. Sami says “the game itself is hard but the hardest thing is keeping your emotions stable”.


Practices every Tuesday in Mr. Montes’s room(206) really help the team. Veteran players usually help mentor the beginners at chess and prepare them for upcoming tournaments.  


Sami Alkadi believes joining chess really helped him improve his skills. Sami beat a really strong chess player with a master title outside of school and has his practices at school to thank for that.


With a tournament against West Chicago on November 11th, the team really needs to prepare.


“We need to improve on having more depth in the team, weaker players should care about improving on the team” said Sami Alkadi.

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