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Live Like Abby

Come support the John Mc Nickolas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in honor Of Abby Wujcik, this Friday at the Richard's Olympics

Ebony Brown, Staff Editor

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This year the district has brought about a new initiative of being more community focused, so rather than support national organizations like St.Baldrick’s Richards charity will be a lot closer to home.

This year the school has chosen to lend its love to the John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, a parent organization of the chapter that helped Abigail (Abby) Wujcik’s family.

If the name Wujcik sounds familiar to you it’s because Abby was the niece of Brian Wujcik, who’s the Television Production teacher here at Richards.

“When Mr. Powers first approached me about the possibility of supporting Live Like Abby and the Live Like Abby initiative we were, of course, very excited about it. And when Abby was sick a couple of years ago this school and the community really rallied around my brother, his family, and Abby to raise funds to help with her treatment,” said Mr.Wujcik.

The family is hoping to see that same excitement and support from the students as well as this year’s fundraise will be put towards researching, and hopefully curing, childhood brain tumors.

“Now that Abby has passed the focus has shifted from treating her specifically to raising funds to eliminate brain tumors and brain cancer specifically in children,” said Mr.Wujcik.

It’s true that this new charity may not be as well known or as far reaching as St.Baldrick’s but I personally believe that this reemphasizing of community is just what we need to hear.

In a world of ever shrinking individual power I find myself reflecting more and more on the words of a certain history teacher of mine “Think globally, act locally” she used to tell us. There’s nothing wrong with big national charities, they have a larger overall impact.

“I think it’s a little bit more, what’s the word I’m looking for?- A little bit more ambiguous than St.Baldrick’s, everybody has heard of St.Baldricks but not everybody has heard of Live Like Abby or the John McNicholas Pediatric brain Tumor Foundation. Because Morgan Cardenas, who is Abby’s sister, is here in this school and she’s a junior, Becky Wujcik is here, that’s Abby’s cousin, she’s a senior. And I’m here so maybe the name will be out there a little bit more.” said Wujick

Even small change is positive so before we try to save the world let’s take time lend our support to the Wujick’s.



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Live Like Abby