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The importance of Planned Parenthood

Maya Arends, Staff Writer

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The issue of reproductive rights is a touchy one, and understandably so. The sharp divide on the issue of abortion leads many to stand against and even up to organizations like Planned Parenthood that make this service available to women. Yet villainizing the entire organization is a mistake.


It is understood that abortion goes against the religious beliefs, and personal perspectives of some people, but solely because Planned Parenthood allows the option for young women to get an abortion, does not mean that they don’t provide other useful and life-saving services.


Planned Parenthood is a primary source of health care for many patients. A Guttmacher report found that 4 in 10 people depend on Planned Parenthood for medical help, and that it is the only health service available to them.


Planned Parenthood helps women receive treatment and screening for sexually transmitted diseases and cancer of the reproductive organs.


Planned Parenthood’s goal is to give up-to-date, clear information that helps people better understand their reproductive health. This medical organization most definitely should not be de-funded only because they allow women the option to abort their fetuses. The tax-payer’s money that goes to Planned Parenthood does not go towards abortions regardless. Planned Parenthood is not reimbursed for the abortion procedures done, so de-funding the service will not prevent women from receiving the procedure.


This could possibly cause many lower income bearing individuals to go without the health care they need. Regardless, making abortions less available to women will not stop them from happening; it will just make their practices much less safe.


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The importance of Planned Parenthood